Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide internet to our house ?

There are many things to consider in getting wireless internet to your house.  Trees, elevation and distance from our towers are all mitigating factors.  Fill out our form located HERE to see if you are within reach of our system.

How much bandwidth is included ?

Currently each of our packages include unlimited bandwidth. This means that you can surf, stream, email and game with no worries of overage charges.  We do apply certain policies on our network to prioritize certain types of traffic.  For example things like web browsing, VOIP / Telephone will get priority over Peer to Peer and file sharing services.

This is all done to ensure that everyone gets their fair share of the bandwidth and that no one suffers from dreaded “Buffering” when streaming.

How long are your contracts ?

Our terms are simple.  We have NO contracts.  You simply sign up and pay your monthly fees.  When time comes for you to cancel simply give us 30 days notice and no further charges will be incurred.

What hardware is required ?

We provide a free estimate with every site visit.  This will include a detailed list of all hardware needed to get you up and running.

What's required for installation ?

Our knowledgeable technicians will arrive onsite and inspect your residence.  They will determine the appropriate place to mount the external dish and show you where we would be drilling thru an external wall to gain access to the inside of your house.

Depending on your situation mounting the antenna to the side of your house may be all that is required.  In some cases a tripod on your roof or even a tower may need to be installed in order to properly obtain service.  All of these costs would be laid out to you in advance so that you know what the costs are ahead of time.

In many cases there is already access thru existing holes in the exterior walls that we can use, for example satellite or cable tv entry point.

With every installation we ensure that you are aware of what the installation will require and a detailed description will be provided and agreed upon before any work will commence.

How long does an install take ?

Depending on how much work is required.  If we are replacing an existing wireless internet provider most of the mounts and cabling is already there.  We simply replace their hardware with ours and make the necessary changes to your router.

In the event that you need a tower installed, installation can take up to 2 days depending on the need to pour concrete.  This type of installation is quite extreme and isn’t used in many installations.  Usually a simple tower bracketed to the house can be used and one day is usually more than enough to accomplish the work.

Wifi coverage in my house is horrible. Can you help with that ?

Absolutely !!  This is our specialty.  We have partnered with top wireless vendor Ubiquiti Networks to provide enterprise-grade wireless solutions at an affordable price.

Most homes only require one access point but depending on your situation and house size multiple access points can be used.

In all cases we will install and manage your WiFi access points and ensure that you have optimal coverage for all your devices.

What's the wait time for installation ?

We can do most installs within 5 days.  Our technicians work 7 days a week with varying hours depending on the season.  For their safety we ensure that all of the work is done during daylight hours.

What type of technical support do you offer ?

We offer 24/7 email support monitored by our technical team.  They are also available by phone Monday to Friday 9 am to 9 pm and Saturday 9 am to 5 pm.  You can email our support team anytime

Note that we are only able to provide support for internet connectivity issues.  We do try to solve your technical problems even if it’s not our equipment that’s malfunctioning but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fix those.